Personal Injury

When a serious injury occurs because someone chose to be careless, we are here to help. We work to protect our clients’ futures, so they can focus on recovery from their injuries. Someone injured through the carelessness, recklessness or fault of another may be entitled to a variety of compensation for those injuries, including lost wages, medical expenses and more.


Our attorneys actually go to trial and are not afraid to face multi-billion-dollar insurance companies in court. We will fight for our client until the insurance company or at-fault party decides, or is forced by a jury, to fairly compensate for all the harms and losses caused. We are the opposite of personal injury mills who only try to settle cases quickly. Instead, we focus on our client’s needs and their individual circumstances. We work hard to not just obtain the compensation the law requires, but also to listen to our clients so we can understand all the ways the injuries have changed their lives.


When we resolve the underlying injury case, we help our clients obtain the benefits of their own insurance coverage, such as underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. When insurance companies don’t do the right thing for their own insured, we aggressively pursue all remedies for our client, including penalties and attorneys’ fees.


We have built our reputation handling injury cases of all kinds, including:


Automobile crashes – With the proliferation of cars on the nation’s streets and highways, there has been an alarming increase in the number of automobile crashes, some of which can result in serious injury.


Motorcycle crashes – Due to the very nature of their vehicles, motorcycle drivers are often more likely to sustain serious injuries in the event of a crash.


Construction site incidents – The heavy equipment, machinery and working conditions present at a construction site can lead to injuries.


Premises liability, including dangerous or defective buildings – Landlords and property owners have a duty to keep their property in a good and safe condition.


Slip-and-fall injuries – Compensation may be payable when someone falls and suffers an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence.


Wrongful death – The surviving spouse, parent or child of a person whose death resulted from the wrongful or negligent conduct of another may be entitled to compensation for their loss.


We make it our priority to aggressively pursue each personal injury case to ensure that our clients receive the full and fair compensation they deserve.


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