• Darling Milligan

The Social Media Revolution: Don’t Let Your Practice (or You) Become Vulnerable

Published in its entirety in Vol. 2 No. 2 of Attorney at Law Magazine® Denver

There is an arbitrage in the market for private practice attorneys right now, and 90 percent of you are grossly underestimating how big it is. The market doesn’t care about my opinions or feelings, and it doesn’t care about yours either, plain and simple. If you do not adjust to the reality of the situation, you will be completely left behind.

I am not a technologist. If I weren’t in the business of helping business owners grow their companies, I wouldn’t care about this “revolution.”. I am writing this today to explain a fundamental shift in your potential client’s attention, and the attention of our society as a whole, and implore you to take advantage of it. It will absolutely be the differentiator in growing your practice.

Client acquisition begins with one thing, and one thing only, attention. You need to get a potential client’s attention. It used to be through the newspaper, television, and radio. Now it’s called a blog, vlog, or a podcast. It’s the same thing, nothing has changed, except for one thing. Your ideal client’s attention is moving to a new place, and leaving an old one.

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Liam Schehl, CEO of Schehl Marketing & Media, believes providing the best value possible with zero expectations is the most powerful way to run a business. His passion is working hand-in-hand with business owners to grow their company. His goal is to fundamentally change the way their business captures consumer attention. With this column, Liam hopes to shift your mindset and motivate you to take action. Connect with him via Linkedin, phone or email with any questions and feedback. Contact him at liam.schehl@gmail.com” or (303) 817-6514.

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