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Darling Milligan Trial Lawyers Secure $1.6M Victory

Jason Wesoky and D.J. Marcus won a big victory for their client in a recent trial. After a hard-fought case involving complex legal issues related to vicarious liability, premises liability, and negligence, Darling Milligan secured a $1.6 million verdict for their client who broke her ankle on a dangerous patch of ice in front of a house. The danger was created when the builder of the home, Park View Village (a/k/a Creekside Homes), aimed a gutter and downspout directly at a sidewalk so that water would drain on the walkway, which turned to ice in the winter. Despite being told this was dangerous and having many chances to fix the problem, the builder refused. The builder also didn't tell anyone that they actually required all downspouts to be buried underground to avoid this very problem.

Our client slipped on the ice an severely broke her ankle, requiring surgery. The injury was so significant that it prevented her from running her very successful business for many months. A Jefferson County jury saw the injustice and that the builder failed to take responsibility for the problem it created and concluded they should pay $1.6 million to compensate our client.

We can help you if you've been injured or are the victim of somebody's carelessness or their refusal to comply with basic safety rules. Just call or text us.

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