Our attorneys help individuals, families, personal representatives, beneficiaries, heirs and others navigate the often confusing and complex process of probate and estate administration. We assist with probate and pursue improper administration and/or distribution of estate assets (including through appeals). We have worked on nearly every aspect of probate, including will contests, determining heirs, interpreting wills and trusts, document reformation, accounting, breach of fiduciary duty, asset management by fiduciaries, determining the propriety and intent of a gift, and conservator/guardian issues.


We understand the emotional issues associated with these matters and are sensitive to the need for parties to work through the significant changes in their lives. We negotiate from a position of strength and wisdom, and tailor our approach to the specific client and case needs. In fact, we often succeed (where others have failed) in de-escalating the fight, avoiding games, and stopping emotional manipulation attempted by opposing parties. But when negotiations are unsuccessful, we position the matter so that litigation leads to success.


We are not intimidated by difficult, high conflict cases. Our proven methods for keeping our client on the right side of the line while ensuring that the other party endures the consequences of their misbehaviors, have successfully reduced conflict in even the most egregious cases.

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